Call Duckling Colors
Faith Valley Waterfowl
It has been a long term goal of mine to create a photo color guide of call
ducklings. Most everyone knows what the adult call coloring should look like,
but with the youngsters, there is a bit of confusion as some of the varieties
look similar as day olds.  Additional duckling photo
click here.
Grey  Day-old
Grey at 5 weeks
Blue Fawn
Blue Fawn at 5 weeks
Pied day-old
Pied at 3 weeks
Butterscotch at 5 weeks
Butterscotch day-old
As youngsters, the Blue Fawn and the Grey look very similar.  The difference
between them is the Blue Fawn will be a greyish blue; whereas, the grey call
will be a deep blackish brown.
Grey Adult Female
Grey Adult Male
Blue Fawn Adult Male
Blue Fawn
Adult Female
Pied Adult Males
Pied Adult Female
Butterscotch Adult Female
Butterscotch Adult Male
Pastel Adult Male
Pastel Adult Female
Pastel Day old
Pastel at 4 weeks