Chicken Tractor
Faith Valley Waterfowl
We have been asked many times how we house our chickens.  We
find that the portable chicken tractor is the best housing choice for us.  
These houses are portable so they can be moved to new grass daily.
We make the pens 4 foot
tall so that it is easier to
catch the birds if we need
to.  We also feel that it
gives the chickens a
good height above and
below the roosts so that
they will not damage their
tail feathers.
Our chicken tractors
are 4x8.  Large
enough to house
several bantam or
standard chickens, but
yet light enough to be
portable. We have
extended the roosts 2
feet outside of the pen
to be used as handles
when lifting the pen for
moving it to new grass.
The floor of the house is
mounted on the roosting
poles for added support.  
The house measures 2 feet
deep. We have mounted
wire panels on the inside of
the pen so that we can clip
the feed and grit cups onto
the walls of the pens.
We use wooden outdoor
siding for the construction of
the housing area and a
corregated roofing material
for the housing top.  We find
that this method keeps the
chickens very dry. By having
the house mounted on the
roosting poles, the chickens
have the option of standing
under the house during rain
or by waiting inside the