Crested  Calls
Faith Valley Waterfowl
A crested call should look like a call
duck in every characteristic except that
it should have a well formed, centered,
crest of feathers on the top of its
head.  A good crest would be one that
would be the size of a nickel- to -
quarter at the base of the crest.  This
particular call could use a better crest;
she has one the size of a dime.

This little gal was a bit of a surprise for
us since she was hatched out of non
crested parents.  We have taken a
liking to her and have kept that
particular pen mated up to see if they
will produce more offspring with the
crest present.  We have also put her
back to her dad to see if we can
increase the size of crest in her
What to look for in a crested call
Crested calls make excellent broody hens.
2005 National Champion
Crested Call Duck
We have sold out of
our white and crested
white line. We will be
consentrating on our
crested grey line.
This is one of our 2008 hatched
youngsters.  This year we have
set up two pens for our crested
grey program.  Pen one has 2
crested grey hens and a show
quality smooth head grey male
out of our 2008 crested mating.  
Pen two has this crested grey
male and 2 of our show quality
smooth head grey hens that
were hatched out of our 2008
crested breeding pens.
Our little guy went on to compete at the 2008 national and was award the
2008 National Champion Grey Crested title; His mom took the 2008 National
Reserve Champion Grey Crested title.
~2009 & 2011 National Champion
Crested Grey~
~2011 National Res. Champion
Crested Grey~
~2009 National Res. Champion
Crested Grey~