Custom Built Pens
Faith Valley Waterfowl
Questions?  Give us a call and let us help you get your bantam duck flock
off to the best start in housing. 330-765-4000.
~Custom built bantam duck pens~
3' x 5' ~ $475.00     OR     4'x8' ~ $500.00
We custom build 3'x 5' or 4' x 8' pens for your Bantam Duck needs. These
pens are perfect for growing out ducklings or for setting up a breeding
pen of adult bantam ducks.  These pens are also perfect for a broody hen
with youngsters.
Each pen features a sunken tub for swimming with a bottom drain for ease in
water changes. The tub holds approximately 10 gallons of water- perfect for
keeping your show champion in great feather condition.
* We use quick release latches - perfect for ease in opening and
shutting the pen doors. These latches are great for winter use as
these latches do
not get stuck with ice build up.
To secure your order for your
new pen, please send a
nonrefundable $300.00 deposit.
The balance can be paid at pick
up.  Pens can usually be built
within 7 days of receiving the