Faith Valley Waterfowl
Adult Breeder Housing
We have been asked many times
about how we house our calls.   
There are many ways to go about
it, depending on your situation and
predator issues.  For us we find
that using raised hutches is the
best solution for predator control.  
We keep one breeding trio in a
3'x5'  pen.  Pictured here is a  
larger 4'x8' winter housing pen that
is still under construction. During
the winter months we will put
several of our breeders together in
a pen like this one.  We have a
dropped 2'x3' mortar tub with a
deicer to keep the water open.
Call Duck Housing
Here is another view of a raised breeding pen that is under construction.
Wet Brooder for 1- 4 week old calls.
We use this style of brooder for ducklings that are at least 7 days old.  They stay
in this type of a brooder until they move into the adult breeding/ grow out style of
pen pictured above.
Another view of the wet brooder with the lid raised
Brooder for 1 - 7 day old ducklings
This is the type of brooder that we use for the first week.  We insert a false floor
so that we don't have to deal with the mess of pine shavings.  By placing the
rubber shelf lining over the false floor, the ducklings can  stay dry and have the
added traction that new little calls need.
False Floor of the Day - Old Call Brooder
The false floor is made of 2 inch wood strips with 1/4 inch hardware cloth
stapled to it.  The floor is covered with rubber shelf liner.  As the ducklings
splash and play in their water, the spillage is trapped under the false floor and
the ducklings stay dry.
For directions on
building a raised
4' x 8'
click here.