Vaccinating for Marek's Disease
Faith Valley Waterfowl
Step one: Gather all of your
supplies.  To vaccinate chick you
will need your active or cultured
vaccine, sterile diluent, alcohol,
cotton balls, a syringe, and a napkin
or paper towel to keep your work
space clean.
Mix your vaccine according to the
directions from the lab.
Step five: gently insert the needle to
the left of the chick’s spinal chord,
making sure to not hit and blood
vessels and to not go into the
muscle.  The needle needs to just
go under the chick’s skin. Inject 0.2
cc of vaccine. You will notice a
small bubble form just under the
skin; this will mean that you have
properly administered the dose.
Step four: gently stretch the chick’s
neck while you apply rubbing
alcohol to the neck.  The alcohol will
sterilize the chick’s neck and will
also smooth away the tiny fluff
making it easier to see the chick’s
skin and tiny veins.
Step three: Select the first chick to
be vaccinated.  Hold the chick
facing away from you.  Place the
chick’s head between your first and
second finger and secure the
chick's legs and body with the palm
of your hand.
Step two: Gather your chicks into a
confined area close to your work
station.  Using a towel lined bowl
will work well so that the chicks will
be handy while vaccinating them.