Showmanship with Calls
Faith Valley Waterfowl
Showmanship With Calls

Examine the Head
When you examine the
head of your call duck,
gently hold the call duck’s
bill.  You should be looking
to see whether or not your
call is healthy.  Look at his
bill to see if he has a clear
nose; look at his eyes to
see if they look clear and
alert.  You can also look at
his feathers to see if they
are the right color.

Examine the body &

When you are examining the
body feathers you are
looking to see if the feathers
are the right color or if the
bird is molting.  You should
also check to see if the call
duck has lice or mites.
Examine the wings ~ both
top and bottom

When you examine the wing
of your call duck, remember
to be gentle.  You need to
look at the top and the
bottom of both wings.  When
you examine the wings, you
are looking for crooked
feathers, broken feathers or
wrong colored feathers.
Examine the feet and
shanks~ both front and

When you examine the
shanks and feet of your call
duck, remember to look at
both the top and bottom of
the feet and also the front
and the back of the shanks.  
You are looking to see if the
feet are clean, if you need to
trim the toenails, or if there
are any sores on the bottom
of the feet.