White Calls
Faith Valley Waterfowl
The white call was
admitted into the
Standard of
Perfection in 1874.
What to look for in a white call
The nice thing about working with white calls is that the main thing you work
on is type.  Since the plumage is all white, you can consentrate all of your
efforts on improving your type just a touch each year.

There are a couple things to watch out for in the white calls though.  One of
the main problems they seem to have is in the bill width. A lot of the bills
seem to be getting thinner each year.  So it would be wise to select a
breeder that has a very wide bill.
This breeder male shows a
very nice width to his bill. His
length of bill is good too. You
want to select a breeder with a
bill that is no longer than 1 inch
in length.
This female is showing black
on her bill due to hormones.  
The best layers seem develop
this. Since she is showing
black, she would not place
well at shows, so she is best
served in the breed pen.
This is a nice call head.  It is
round, with a good rise to the
crown.  The eyes are lower set,
and the bill is set low and well
into the head.  This little guy
has nice cheek puffs too.
Overall a pretty good head.